Formula D Irwindale Part 2

Formula D Irwindale Part 2 2017

Formula D Irwindale Part 2 Continuing on our Irwindale on Saturday. There a sad moment where being here the first time for the last round gives you a bit of goosebumps and today was it. This track will “maybe” last time be tore down for the strip mall they are making it into. Lucky we are here for the final time at irwindale speedway. This is where professional drifting has started in the USA . Starting with D1GP arrival in the states Giving irwindale the name “House of Drift”

We already Prepped for The booth day and Asuka today wore her Kimono for this Saturday special event at Formula D.  Dee of SSworxs also gave us a ton of help! Many thanks for giving us the help to make it here!

Tons of cars were on display and This Boss Pandem Rocket bunny s14 looking Amazing!

One of the Pro 2 cars running a RB25 setup for their competition build.

A close view of the First 620 Pandem rocket bunny truck to be displayed in the world!

The amount of people in attendance was at a all time record high. Many of people around the world come for the Last round of Formula D Irwindale.

We loved how so many people came to our booth and we were offering Free Decals for this event only.

Formula D Irwindale Part 2

Given a Fact that Asuka is a D1 Ladies League driver and a Very Skilled driver. She is also very popular at Formula D! people were in line to take pictures.

We manage to get some top 32 in for to See the action. One of the popular Drivers Alec Hohnadell. Using High angle and alot of smoke exiting the bank!

The crowds excitement, smoke trailing off the tires of the many drivers and also the amount of skill level in these battles was amazing to watch.

Dai Yoshihara Running a v8 RHD Subaru BRZ. Battling to the Top 3 getting a podium this night! against One of the worthouse drivers.

James Deane Won the 2017 Formula D championships! This is his World championship Run with no Contenders for the top 32 round.

Irwindale Speedway at Formula D 2017 “House of Drift” was a memorable moment in our list! If there was a Next year we gladly be here again! but until next time in the USA Planning to be at Formula Drift Long beach 2018!

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