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STF Garage Fuji Speedway Drift day 2014 by Nori Yaro

Throw back with All that Low and STF Garage doing it at Fuji speedway park.

Pictures by Nori Yaro

Do you want to experience drifting in Japan, but either can’t or don’t want to buy a car? I may have the answer for you.

The cars are supplied by STF, a performance shop in Kanagawa. At this event, one was a 180SX…

…and the other was a nice and neat R32 Skyline GTS-t.

The rental customers for the day were some Americans who lived locally, but future drift rentals are open to anyone who wants to come.

Both cars ran all day with multiple drivers with no problems.

Fuji Speedway Drift Course is a simple track, but it’s great for learning on, and can be configured in a few ways to keep things interesting.

This event was an STF drift meeting, with the rental cars running in beginner class, so there wasn’t any stress on the drivers.

It’s also possible to take passengers at Fuji, so come along with a friend and double your fun.

Here’s an example of what the rental cars are like.

Basic specs on the Skyline, but all the essential parts like an LSD, suspension and bucket seat were there.

The 180SX was a little bit faster, but was still a basic-spec drifter, which is perfect for beginners.

Exhaust manifold and slightly bigger turbo on the 180SX…

…and a stock engine on the R32. That’s all you need!

If you have a trip planned to Japan and would like to spend a day not too far from Tokyo at Fuji Speedway getting sideways, getting a Drift Car rental from International Drift Rental , Don’t forget your helmet!

Credits Nori Yaro


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